Recommendation to see the northern lights in Canada

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We all love nature and we are awed at the sight of beautiful climates. People travel from far and wide to behold the beauty in nature. Different regions around the world tend to have different natural sites that are unique and worth the travel. In Canada, there are different beautiful sights to behold one of which is the Northern light also called polar light or aurora borealis.

The Northern lights are formed by the collision of charged particles in the earth’s upper atmosphere. When these charged particles collide with oxygen and nitrogen atoms, they produce dazzling lights called auroral light. The variety in colours of the northern light depends on the specific atom that is colliding, that is why you get to see different variations of colours. Auroras occur at high altitudes near the poles, the lights occur during the day also but are only visible at night when everywhere is dark. These beautiful lights have brought tourists from all over the world to witness such beauty. The northern light cannot be seen from all over the world but from specific regions, auroras have been seen as far as Mexico, Alaska and Greenland.

The aurora borealis can be seen in Canada, Canada offers you a better view of the lights, the best time to see the northern light in Canada is between December and March.

Below are destination sites to see the northern light in Canada.

·   Banff National Park

This is a park with beautiful natural planes. The park allows you to go site seeing. It has a picture-perfect village, town and market, wildlife, rocky mountain peaks, turquoise glacial lakes and many other interesting facts. It is Canada’s first national park, apart from the many intriguing beauty this park brings, it also allows you to see the northern light. The northern light can be seen from the park all through the year but the best time to visit is during winter.

·   Iqaluit Nunavut

This is a beautiful city that is the capital of the Canadian territory Nunavut. It is an island that is popularly known for its tundra valleys and its ice-capped mountains, it is formerly known as Frobisher Bay. The island is home to musicians, filmmakers, Inuit artists. The island host different cultural festivals that host artists from around the territory. Iqaluit Nunavut is a good place to view the northern light, you get to view the lights in October and April but the best time to view the light from this location is in December.

·   Churchill

Churchill is an interesting place to visit, it is popularly known for its many polar bears and is nicknamed “Polar Bear Capital of the World” and this has led to the influx of tourists from around the world. It is a town in northern Manitoba, Canada. Its location is directly under the auroral oval, making it one of the best places to view the northern light. The best time to view these lights from Churchill is between January and March.