Personalized Gifting Idea: A Picture Clock

Got a friend who often loses track of time and is always late for get-togethers or office meetings? Or maybe a cousin who’s obsessed with collecting clocks? Or an obnoxious but sweet brother who’s obsessed with his own face? What if you have an important occasion around the corner and have to present them with a gift?

You might want to give them a customized and thoughtful gift. While there are many showpieces and wall frames available in the market, they mostly do not have any usefulness. Then there are fashion items but since everyone’s taste and style are different and unique, gifting such an item is a tough bet as if it doesn’t match the taste preferences of the recipient, it will remain unused and go to waste.

About Picture Clock: A picture clock is a personalised gifting item that one can gift to their loved ones. This clock is customized with a picture of one’s own choice. It can be an alarm clock or a wall clock. It’s a perfect gifting idea for you as it shows thoughtfulness of how you value the recipient’s time and on top of that, a dash of personal touch with the recipient’s picture. This gift has utility for everyone so they can use it in their daily lives and the best part is whenever they look at it, they will think about you!

Why is a Picture Clock a great gifting idea?

  1. Saves money: Say you have a small budget but still want to gift something nice, a picture clock will come as a rescue! Gifting a clock is relatively cheaper than other gifts but the utility is no less. It could be a desk clock for your colleagues or a wall clock or alarm clock for your friends and family. They would love it and you’ll save yourself a few bucks.
  2. Uniqueness: The truth of gift-giving during the holidays is that many presents are given that the recipient is unlikely to ever use. As a result, many will receive shirts that are either the wrong size or not their style, while some managers may get too many pens. However, unless they are gifted a clock, most individuals have no idea what they are missing out on until they see what a beautiful and sophisticated utility gadget a clock can be. Desk clocks are the perfect example of an object that can be placed anywhere, whether it be at home or at the workplace.
  3. Personalized: Picture clocks are personalized so this creative gift brightens any event, making it popular. It shows the recipient that you took time and effort choosing a present to be treasured forever. Personalized presents are no doubt prized more than chocolates and flowers.

How to get one?

Picture clocks and customised coffee mug are available on many online gifting portals so you can order them and get them customized easily.