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Earlier, it was a luxury to be able to visit a theatre and watch that latest blockbuster. But now, as technology has upgraded, the definition of luxury has changed. We now do turn a room in our home into a home theatre. It gives us a personal experience with no limits on what to watch. Says Radvi, Interior Designers in Coimbatore have been lately shaping rooms in villas into home theatres – get More Information about Radvi. But what if you want to try it by yourself? How to do it?

They say that home is where theatre is.

Tips on how to design that perfect home theatre!


The definition of luxury keeps on taking shifts from one decade to another. Where once luxury used to be having a golden bathtub, now it remains infusing a house with breathtaking technology. Audio has changed and so has the video. This has given space to a person to have a personal home theatre. Interior Designers have been serving people lately the opportunities to enjoy the latest Bond or Hobbit with the home’s comfort. So, how can you design a perfect home theatre for yourself? Here are some tips that will help you have a home theatre shaped like an expert.

Choose the right room!

The most common mistake that people do is that they naively choose the wrong room. Unknowingly, they select a room and install it all and sit with popcorn in hand and click that play button, and boom! Just as a fight scene arrives in the movie, a loud shout comes from another room, “turn this TV off please. I need to work on an assignment.” Thus, do not fall into the same pit as most people already have.

Here are a few tips on choosing the room for your home theatre –

  • Keep a room totally dedicated to home theatre. Do not allow any other activities in this room. For example, do not use this room for dining purposes.
  • Choose a room that is far away from those rooms that might face disturbance from your home theatre and vice versa. For example, do not share its space with kitchen so that the cooking smell enters the room and creates distractions. Keep it away from library.

Choose the right light!

Light creates an ambience and infuses the mind with a different experience. This is why you’d want to control the impact of light in your theatre experience. The first thing you’d want to do is to control the external light or natural light from entering the room. Avoid having any windows into your home theatre. Or if you have windows for air circulation, make sure that there are arrangements for blocking the light when required.

But this is not all! There are times when we use home theatre for party purposes too. This is why you need special lighting inside the theatre. Using ambient lighting of choice will add a star to your home theatre. There are smart led lights that have the power to direct the experience.

Choose the right sound!

Imagine watching a movie where a sweet conversation is taking place between two lovers on the beach. You are mused into their thoughts, smiling, and suddenly a loud generator noise starts interrupting you from outside. This is the reason, says Radvi, Interior Designers in Coimbatore and the rest of India work on soundproofing the room. But, how do you do it?

  • Use thick curtains that work on blocking the light as well as the sound for you.
  • Install soundproofing wall layers or boards to create an isolated environment.
  • Use hardwood doors instead of hollow doors or metal doors.

Avoid reflective items!

When you have lots of items in the room that reflect light, it ruins your experience. At first, they distract our eyes from the screen and then our focus falls down. Secondly, they brighten up the room more. Avoid anything of metal or shimmering material that has the ability to create a distraction for you. For example, avoid metal door knobs, glass tables, glass windows, chandeliers, etc.

Plan your interior design!

Yes! Home Theatre needs to be designed like any other room. Try to give it a style and an aura of its own. You may choose from any popular interior style out in the market. For example, there is Contemporary style, Gothic, Modern, Minimalist, Victorian, Techno, etc. Get more Information about Radvi and the many different design styles it excels at.

The next thing is to choose a colour scheme that you’d want to use. If you are a minimalist, you will want to go for a monochromatic tone. If you like contrast, choose contemporary colours and install lighting of those colours.

Choose the right furniture!

For this, you first need to do space planning. Look at how big a room you will have for your home theatre. If you are not alone in the house, you’d indeed want to plan it for many people. Look at the budget and then choose the furniture. You’ll want to buy ergonomic chairs or couches for your experience. Make sure you take care of Anthropometrics and Proxemics. This will help you arrange furniture in a better way.

Choose a table or two for snacks and other uses. It will come helpful for you to handle things around. For example, putting on remote, game controllers, snacks, drinks, etc.

Choose the right sound system!

The sound system is the vein of home theatre. You’d not want to miss it. Go for quality brands when it comes to music. Buy a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. It will help you immerse more into the experience.

These are all the basic tips that one needs to take care of when designing a home theatre. All you need is a little care and consideration, a little planning, a little buying capacity, and a little creativity, and there you’ll have your perfect home theatre for you. If you have a big room, you’d want to go for an interior designer. They hold the expertise and will be able to guide you well towards grace. Look for Radvi, Interior Designers in Coimbatore, if you live in Coimbatore. They are the experts not only operating in Coimbatore but throughout India. Get more information about Radvi and look at how you can benefit yourself. The thing is that home gets made once in your life, and it must be nourished with expertise accordingly. You ruin it, and you’ll experience it in your life to come.

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