Essential Features To Look For In an eCommerce Website Builder

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When you think of selling products online, you can provide services to customers on a global scale. But for that, you will need an e-commerce platform and a domain host that will help you promote your products to national and international customers.

To get started, you should choose an appropriate e-commerce NZ website builder platform that would help you run an enthralling online business.

Essential Features to Consider in an E-Commerce Website Builder

1. Easy To Use

When you search for an e-commerce website builder platform, it should afford ease of use in the following aspects:

  • Customers should experience a simple navigation and payment process.
  • The backend should also be convenient and must contain features and functions that would be easy to use.

2. Included Payment Processing System

One of the most important features of an e-commerce website builder is the built-in payment processing system, which is an added advantage for customers as they can enter their payment information seamlessly.

3. Easy Shipping Availability

After selling a product online, the next feature to look at in an e-commerce website builder is to send that product to the ultimate customer. So choose an e-commerce website builder that has the following shipping options ready for you:

  1. Calculate the shipping costs based on the location of the shopper.
  2. Ensure standard and rush shipping.
  3. Include options for instant downloads related to online products.

4. Mobile Responsiveness

This is one of the best e-commerce website builder features. You need to have a responsive design for your website that would look appealing on all devices.

5. Reliable Search Function

Effortless navigation will make it easy for customers to browse your online shop without any hindrances. Choose website builder features like a good search function so that results can be delivered efficiently in no time when shoppers continue performing an on-site search.

6. SSL Security

There will be instances when you ask customers for sensitive data, like their credit card information and address. Protecting that confidential data should be your top priority. If you add SSL security to your site, your customer information is kept protected and secured.

7. Customer Support

Customers can always connect and get the desired help when needed. Consider the following options below to get an idea:

a. Live Chat

This option provides quick assistance and provides prompt responses to customer enquiries.

b. Email Support

A reliable email address is very important so that customers can receive prompt replies and have their problems resolved quickly.

c. Phone Support

Always make a contact number available for customers to speak directly with the help team. This will set you apart from your competitors and ensure better customer retention.


Now that you know the qualities to look for in an e-commerce website builder, stop worrying and start your online shop today.

Remember, to have a modern e-commerce website design for your business, look for features that ensure ease of use on your end and the customer’s end. This will help enhance user experience, increase sales, and generate maximum customer satisfaction.